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Subscription includes:

  1. Course: Learn the 6-7 Formula in a 2-hour online course to find out how six-directional movement, seven foot positions, and variable intensity work together to get consistent results.

  2. Coach Tip Library: Access 73 video tips for workout planning and coaching. Each 15-minute lesson is packed with practical ways to boost your purpose-driven creativity and includes a printable handout.

  3. Pro Community: Our network share ideas, experiences, and success stories, fostering a culture of continuous learning. You’ll get monthly live & recorded meet-ups, and a pro-exclusive online chat.

Plus, get full access to:

  • Android and iOS App

  • Targeted workouts for all areas of the body

  • Over 100 video and audio full-length workouts

  • Water, land, and yoga workouts

  • 28-Day programs with aquatic assessments to track results

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