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Water Walking (5 audio workouts) Buy Bundle (13 videos) Water Walking (5 audio workouts)

Mix up your water walking routine with targeted workouts for mobility, strength, cardio and balance. Track results using the 6-minute walk test.

Includes 5 AUDIO Water Walking Workouts:

01 First Step to a Healthier You (40-min)

02 Circuits for Posture and Balance (40-min)

03 Intervals for Walking Balance (40-min)

04 Water Walking H.I.I.T. (40-min)

05 Power Training for Up and Down Stairs (40-min)

How to use Water Walking Workouts

  • Watch the welcome video and learn how to get your best results.

  • Print the PDF water walking workouts, calendar, and results-tracker.

  • Get in the pool and start walking. Simply follow the audio guided workouts on your app. No equipment required.

  • Track results every 5-6 weeks using the 6-minute walk test.

This program is a good choice for reconditioning after an injury or surgery and suitable for all fitness levels to vary your workout routine.

Total (including taxes)
USD $37.00