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Originally created for Laurie's own students, and with over 10,000 copies sold, audio workouts now available on your mobile device.


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I have never been dedicated to any exercise - but I am this one. I swear I get withdrawals when I miss a day of these workouts.

Sibyl C.

at home

Why WECOACH Workouts?

People say how different these workouts are, and how much they enjoy the feeling of my formula.


After 30 years of teaching water exercise to people of all ages and fitness levels, I developed my 6-7 movement formula – a simple way to improve heart health, build stronger bones, and increase resilience to everyday stress using the feeling mindset.


WECOACH Workouts gets both me and my students fast and sustainable results, and this is what I want for you, too.

Let’s make some waves!

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Just like purchasing a single CD, only better.

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Upper Body Intervals


This workout will help you stand taller, get strong in your core, and improve upper body strength.

price option <div class="editor-content"><p style="text-align: left; line-height: 1.25"><span style="font-size: 1.875rem; line-height: 1.25">Deep Water Cardio HIIT</span></p></div>

Deep Water Cardio HIIT


Keep moving in this full-body circuit. Muscle conditioning and HIIT cardio combos build strength and stamina.

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I had a routine bone density test recently. Four years ago there were signs of osteopenia but this time it was completely normal. The doc asked what I was doing differently. Water exercise with Laurie!


Vicki I.

Audio Member

Incredible! The movements are done in a unique way involving total body movement. After just two months I really feel a difference in mobility,  coordination, and I'm sleeping so much better!


Mandy H.

Amazon Customer

Proof that exercise is medicine. I would give it 10 stars if possible. My husband a runner with stiff hamstrings; the 6-point mobility work has helped him be a better runner. Thank you for helping us feel our best.


Pauline V.

Audio Member

Upper Body Intervals is a winner! Great reggae music combined with Laurie's easy to follow and hear instruction. A great addition to our Coach Laurie water aerobics collection!


Henry J.

Amazon Customer

I've been participating for over a year and it's been a miracle. I suffered a serious fall injuring my back, shoulders and knees. I wasn't able to sleep in a bed, much less get out of one without severe pain. Walking feels good again and I have better balance. Thanks for helping me get my life back!


Anne C.

Audio Member

Some friends and I tried Deep Cardio HIIT. We are ages 55-85 and like a challenge. The cardio intervals really had our hearts pumping! We are excited to add it to our mix of Coach Laurie's water aerobics routines! 


Marybeth G.

Amazon Customer

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