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Available in application stores for mobile Available in application stores for mobile tablet and phone

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Access your content in 2 steps:


  1. Go to Account and tap Sign-In.

  2. Enter your login credentials (email/password) created on the website, then tap Continue.

Accessible on all devices including iOS, Android, Macs, and PCs, or cast videos to your TV with Chromecast or Airplay.

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Exercise with your mobile phone or tablet.

Place your mobile phone or tablet in a waterproof case, place it on a stand poolside, and follow our feel-good water aerobics and exercise workouts.

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Get the best audio for your workouts.

Every workout is recorded in a professional studio for superior sound. Simply pair your phone or tablet with a Bluetooth audio device to follow along.

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Tour your WECOACH membership.

Results start here! Take a tour of member exclusive workouts, 28-day programs and more.

Tech designed with you in mind

More ways to use your Water Exercise Coach App

What are the 28-Day Programs and when do they start?

The 28-day programs are targeted programs to help you get your goals faster.


Featured in each 28-Day Program:

  • Daily workouts

  • Optional joint-friendly land routines

  • Bonus movement ideas

  • Calendar to schedule workouts

  • Assessments to track progress

  • 2-minute reflection for best results

  • Printable PDF success tracker

  • One playlist for quick access to all program videos and resources.

It's personal training, guided by your coach, customized by you in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the 28-day program that best matches the change you want.

  2. Watch the "program release" video (it's first in the playlist) and learn how to get your best results.

  3. Click on the “resource” tab and download the PDF which includes your workout calendar, exercise tips, and a personal reflection activity so that we can work together to get your goals.

As you move through the program create your own "favorites" playlist. Simply click the "heart" icon under the video so you can quickly repeat workouts you enjoy most.

Laurie and her team are here to support you every step of the way. You’ve got this!

*These member exclusive programs are not included with the audio workout on-demand subscription.

How do I download classes on a mobile device?

Download classes to workout offline:

  • Open the Water Exercise Coach App.

  • Sign in on your device.

  • Hit the BROWSE button to find and select the class you want to download.

  • Under the class title, click on the 3-dot icon to download video to your device.

  • You will know the class is downloading when you see the blue circle filing out.

  • The checkmark is your confirmation that the class has been downloaded and saved.

  • To locate the class, go to your account in the bottom right corner of your device. If you upload a profile photo, you will click on your account profile photo.

  • Select ‘Downloads’ to see your downloaded classes.

Why download classes?

When you download a class you are able to do it anywhere, anytime, offline. The benefit of downloading a class is that you workout when outside of service range.

How do I add classes to my favorites playlist?

Add workouts to your favorites playlist:

  • Open the Water Exercise Coach App.

  • Sign in on your device.

  • Select the class that you want to add to your favorites playlist.

  • Under the class title, there is a heart icon: just click the icon to add the class to your favorites playlist.

  • You will know the class is your on you favorites playlist when you see the heart filled in.

  • To locate the class, go to your account in the bottom right corner of your device. If you uploaded a profile photo, you will click on your account profile photo.

  • Select ‘Favorites’ to see your saved classes.

Why create a favorites playlist?

When you create a favorites playlist you are able to quickly find workouts that you want to repeat. To remove a class from your favorites follow the same steps and watch the heart icon become just an outline, no longer filled in.

Use Chromecast to Stream

Use AirPlay to Stream

Managing your subscription

If I refer a friend, can I get a discount?

Get 30 days FREE added to your membership whenever your referrals activate a membership.


Refer a Friend

  1. Sign in to your WEOCACH Workouts account on the website.

  2. Go to your Account -> Account Details from the main navigation.

  3. Click on the invite a Friend tab.

  4. Copy the link, send it via social media, or invite friends via email.

  5. Track your referral history in the app on the website.

  6. Get 30 bonus days added to your subscription when your referral becomes an active member.



You must have an active subscription to receive a 30 day bonus.

Your referrals must be active members and pay their first invoice before you receive the 30 day bonus.

How do I purchase a gift card for someone?

Give the greatest gift to someone you love with a gift card to WECOACH Workouts.

Here’s how to purchase a gift card:

  1. Visit the gift card page

  2. Already a member? Sign in to continue.

  3. Click on the button “Purchase Gift Card.”

  4. Choose from four options and purchase 1-month, 3-months, 12-months from the all access membership or 1-year of the audio workout collection, or a custom amount for your gift card.

  5. Add your credit card information and select “Purchase.”

  6. You’ll receive a code for your gift card that the card’s receiver will redeem when they create their account OR when they renew their subscription.

How do I use a gift card?

If someone gives you a gift card to use on WECOACH Workouts, welcome! We are so happy to have you join the community. 

Here’s how to redeem your gift card and join us:

  1. Visit WECOACH Workouts on your web browser.

  2. Select the ACCOUNT SETTINGS tab from the main menu.

  3. Select BILLING from the following menu.

  4. Click the “Redeem a Gift Card” button from the Billing Page.

  5. Enter the code that you received and select the button that says “Continue.” 

  6. You will see your account's credit and select the appropriate subscription to suit your needs. 

Please email laurie@waterexercisecoach.com if you have questions. 

How do I cancel my membership?

Deleting your account on the app does not cancel your subscription. To cancel follow the steps below.


To cancel on the website:

  • Login to your account.

  • Go to the ACCOUNT DETAILS from the main menu.

  • Select BILLING


  • Cancel the next billing cycle of your account.

Once you’ve cancelled your subscription, your login will remain active, and your account will expire at the end of your billing cycle – you will not be charged again.


It’s important to note that you will need to cancel the subscription on your device if you set up your membership using one of the apps.


How to cancel your App subscription for Apple Users.


How to cancel your subscription for Android Users.


  • We recommend cancelling at least 24 hours before your next payment date.

  • Cancelling will not provide refunds or pro-rate for remaining subscriptions.

  • After cancelling, you will be able to continue using WECOACH Workouts and Water Exercise Coach app for the remainder of your billing cycle.

  • Cancelling your subscription means you will lose the rate your joined with, so if you rejoin, you will join at the current subscription rate.

  • To reactivate your subscription, you can log back into your iOS or Android app or visit WECOACH Workouts website.


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